A rocking horse: part of our antiques and collectables in Hamilton

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This is the place for real treasures

Peachgrove Antiques has one of the best range of antiques and collectables in New Zealand. Come in and browse through our store of historical treasures. There's always something different in our showroom, new stock every week. Antiques are not only beautiful pieces for gifts, your home, office, interior, cafe or resturant, they also hold intrinsic interest because each item carries a piece of history.

If you have an item of interest that may be of value, we can provide an accurate appraisal. We have 25 years experience in the trade, and a wide general knowledge of most types of collectables, from single items to whole houselots or deceased estates. We offer friendly no-obligation advice as to the age, collectability, and market value of your items, we travel to most areas around the country, twice a year to the South Island, more frequently to North Island towns, and every week to the Waikato/Auckland area.

From antiques to vintage and retro items including furniture, great horology (clocks and watches), plus ceramics, old coins, bottles, glass, jewellery and a whole lot more, call us today. 

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At Peachgrove Antiques you will find an ever changing treasure trove of antiques and collectables in Hamilton's store.

  • China & Porcelain
  • Ceramics & Glassware, old bottles
  • Tableware, silverware & cutlery
  • Decorative pieces
  • Antique & vintage furniture
  • Jewellery & accessories, retro & costume

We have all this plus much more, including period chinese antiques, coins, furniture, and dolls and toys. From retro plastics to ancient relics, you never know what you'll discover at Peachgrove Antiques. So give us a call to find out more.

Our antique dealers

Peachgrove Antiques's owner, Adam  Archer, has many years of experience and knowledge. I specialise in a fantastic range of antiques and collectables. The range covers the historically valuable, the sentimental, the fantastic and the just plain interesting -- plus much more.

My long experience as a keen collector and historian, and my contacts enable me to provide accurate antique appraisals, I know a lot of the collectors around the country so can offer your items a real appreciation with enthusiastic collectors, and I am always looking for new items for the store. You'll always get a fair deal at Peachgrove Antiques. Visit us today in Hamilton. Just being in our store is an experience in itself, with our helpful friendly service we are here to help you buy or sell that special collectable.